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Welcome to TLC For My Body!


I'm Solange Umo! I’m so glad you are here!


If you feel overwhelmed because of your health challenges, I am here to provide you with the inspiration, education, hope and support you need to take your health into your own hands.


As a Functional Health Coach and Nutritional Therapist, I am dedicated to helping you find and address the underlying causes of your health concerns so you can get your sparkle, energy and life back, and feel like you again! I am committed to helping you become the healthiest, happiest version of yourself!


My team is currently working really hard to bring you a beautiful website where you’ll get lots of valuable information on how to reclaim your energy and health.


If you are ready to start working on your health and would like to know how working with me can help you, please click on the messenger button below and select the Free 20-minute session:

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